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Every year, thousands of women in the UK opt for an abortion without being told the full story about what it involves.  Abortion is often painted as a simple choice to make, without warnings about the physical and emotional problems which countless women have gone through as a result. was created out of concern for this situation, in order to present some of the information which women aren't always told about, and to share women's own stories about abortion.

We hope that by doing this, those who are thinking of an abortion will be able to take time to make a fully informed decision, without being pressured or encouraged by others into making a quick choice which can bring lasting consequences.


While the focus of this website is on abortion, our motivation stems from our belief in what God teaches in the Bible - specifically, that we should love and help others, and that all life is precious.

The Bible teaches that God made us, cares for us and wants us to know Him.  As we follow His plan for our lives (rather than trying to work things out for ourselves and getting things wrong), we have a peace and a joy that surpasses anything this world can offer.

If you don't have a personal relationship with God, and you would like to know more about who God is and what the Bible teaches, we would encourage you to look at some of the following sites: - Answers to questions about God and the Bible - How you can know God - The gospel message in a nutshell - The Bible online - you can read it for yourself!

If you still have a question and can't find the answer elsewhere, please get in touch with us.

The logo for Abort