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If you are considering an abortion right now, lots of things may be going through your mind.  You may feel uncertain, anxious and alone; you may feel sadness and regret over what you're going through, or you may feel hopeless with no idea of what to do.

However you are feeling right now, the most important thing to do is to take your time before deciding anything.  It can be easy to make a snap decision now which you may regret later!

We would encourage you to read through the 7 questions below, and think carefully about your answers to them.

1) What are your reasons for HAVING AN ABORTION?

Whatever your reasons for wanting to have an abortion, you need to be think through them very carefully to be sure they are right.

Remember, you'll have many years to think over your decision in the future - and if you later regret it, you will never be able to change it.

Please take a look at our Reasons page, which considers some possible reasons in detail.

You may be very glad you did!

2) Do you know what an abortion involves?

While you may already know a bit about the procedures used in an abortion, not everyone will explain it fully.

Have a look at our page on Methods to find out more about each type of abortion and what it involves.

Many women's stories (such as the ones on the left) tell of being uninformed by their abortion advisor about what they would experience during the process, and of wishing they had understood beforehand.

3) Are you aware of what can happen after an abortion?

While women's experiences after their abortions can differ widely, you need to be aware of the potential problems and risks that can arise from it, both physically and emotionally.

Please check out our pages on Health Risks and Post Abortion Stress Syndrome to find out more.

Don't enter into an abortion procedure without knowing the risks first!

4) Have you talked through your thoughts and concerns with others?

Given the life-changing nature of an abortion and the risks it poses to your health and happiness in the future, it's vital that you talk things through with others.

These should be people who you trust, who can advise you without putting pressure on you.

We would particularly advise that you talk to those you are close to, including your family, close friends and especially the child's father (if possible).  If you are worried about how they might react, remember that the wrong decision could impact them far more later than some unwelcome news now!  (See here for more on this point.)

However, no matter how many people you talk to, you need to be sure in your own mind.  Even if everyone else supports an abortion, you are the one who will be most directly affected by the consequences - don't be talked into it by others!

5) Are you under pressure from anyone?

As explained just above, it is very important that, while talking through your thoughts with others, you don't allow others to pressure you into an abortion.

There is far too much at stake for you personally, as well as for those around you.

Please see our dedicated section on pressure, and get help if you need it - contact us if you are unsure of what to do.

6) Have you read other women's stories about abortion?

Before you commit to your own abortion, you should hear what other women say about it having been through the process.

Check out the stories on the left, and also on our Stories and Videos pages.

Make sure you know what it could involve for you!

7) Have you considered giving your child up for adoption?

If you are considering abortion because of feeling unable to keep and look after your child, rather than ending his/her life, you could give your child up for adoption.

That way, rather than ending one life and potentially ruining your own with the consequences, you could save a life and bring fulfillment and joy to adoptive parents.

See our Adoption page for more information - you may be surprised at how simple it could be!

If you have considered all of these questions and are still unsure about what to do, please do see our links page or get in touch with us - we'll be a listening ear and will help in any way we can.

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