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Some people prefer to call an unborn baby a "foetus", as its technical name sounds more like a body part than a human being.

However, others argue that a human life begins at conception, making a foetus a separate living being.

So is there a definite answer?  As you read the text below, see what you think.

What makes us human?

The scientific community very clearly defines conception as the point at which a new life begins (see here for a list of quotes on this subject from scientific literature).

When the sperm and egg cells are joined together, a new and living organism is formed.  It is not just another part of the woman's body - it has its own unique DNA, formed from parts of the mother's and father's DNA, which sets it apart from them both.  This may look like just a bunch of cells...but biologically speaking we're all a bunch of cells...and whatever stage of development we're up to, we're still a human being!

Within a few weeks, the baby has it's own heartbeat.  If you disagree with the medical view that life begins at conception, you might stop to consider what defines a human life.  What do we measure to determine whether someone is alive or dead?  Their heartbeat.  If the presence of a heartbeat determines that someone is alive, and a baby in the womb has a heartbeat, it is alive!

And if deliberately stopping someone else's heartbeat is killing someone, and abortion involves stopping a heartbeat (often accompanied by dismembering it), what is abortion?

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