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A baby in the womb goes through a number of stages in his/her development.

Starting from a single cell (with unique DNA that identifies it as a separate human being), a baby develops very quickly, and has a full set of human features long before birth.

Please visit the links at the bottom to see images of baby development.

We have also included a link to images of foetuses that were aborted at different stages of their development.  We think that every woman considering an abortion has the right to see these so that she is aware of what she is doing.

If you don't want to look at these images, we would encourage you to ask yourself: why is that?

The following is a short summary of the main developments in each stage:

Two weeks
The egg cell is fertilised by the sperm cell, creating a new human being with his/her own unique DNA.

Three weeks
The developing embryo implants itself into the lining of the uterus.  Internal organs such as kidneys and liver begin to form.

Four weeks
The brain, heart and spinal cord begin to form, along with eyes and ears.

Six weeks
By this point, brain activity can be measured, and the heart has started beating.  (Abortions have to stop both of these to ensure the child has died.)

Hands and feet are developing and now have fingers and toes (these are clearly visible in aborted babies).

Eight weeks
All essential organs have started to form.  Facial features continue to develop and movement can be detected.  The brain is controlling other organs.

Ten weeks
The baby's hands can make a fist shape.  Teeth are developing in the baby's gums.

Twelve weeks
All organs are present, and gender-specific features have started to develop.  By this stage, the fibres carrying pain to the brain have developed, and the baby may be able to feel pain (see here for more information).

Fourteen weeks
The mouth can make sucking movements and sweat glands are forming.

Sixteen weeks
The mother may feel the baby's movements.  The neck is developing as head and body become proportional to each other.

Eighteen weeks
Fingernails have formed.  The baby can suck his/her thumb, and also punch and kick.

Twenty weeks
Eyebrows and eyelashes form; the baby can turn around fully.

Twenty-two weeks
The eyes can move and function, with full eyebrows and eyelashes.

Twenty-four weeks
The baby can hear external sounds, and has unique fingerprints.

Twenty-six weeks
Lungs are functioning well and eyelids can open and close, perceiving light.

Twenty-eight weeks
A heartbeat can be heard without a stethoscope.

Thirty-four weeks
The ears have a clear shape, and eyes close for sleep.

Thirty-eight weeks
The baby can grasp with its hands, and turn towards light.

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