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Although some people try to play down the health risks from abortions, others have highlighted a variety of side effects that can result from having one.

Many of these can be linked directly to the abortion procedure, while others are made more likely to happen by an abortion.

These side effects have been identified by medical studies from around the world (details of these can be found in the links at the bottom), yet the risks can sometimes be ignored or minimised by those who advise women about abortion.

The following is a list of potential health problems which may result from having an abortion:

  • Uterine perforation

  • Cervical lacerations

  • Placenta previa in later pregnancies

  • Haemorrhage

  • Infection

  • Cancer (cervical/ovarian/breast/liver)

  • Inability to become pregnant in the future

  • Hysterectomy (due to complications)

  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

  • Complications from anaesthesia

  • Incomplete removal of the baby (needing an operation later)

  • Requirement for a blood transfusion or other emergency measures

  • Handicapped children in later pregnancies (due to uterine damage)

  • Death (see below).

This list does not include mental or emotional consequences of abortion, which we deal with separately on our page about Post Abortion Syndrome.

While it may seem far-fetched to suggest that an abortion can increase the risk of maternal death, studies have shown a clear link between the two (see here for more information). 

The side effects listed above can be linked - for example, a perforated uterus may lead to an infection, which may lead to future pregnancy complications, which could in turn lead to a handicapped child.

For more information on these potential health risks, please see the following links:

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