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A number of myths exist regarding abortion, some of which have been around for a long time.

Here we will take a look at three of the biggest myths, and provide you with links to other myths and their responses at the bottom.

Myth: "A baby in the womb is not a life - it's just a bunch of cells in the woman's body."

This argument is used to make abortion seem harmless - it suggests that an abortion is just another operation, like removing your appendix or a mole.  From a medical point of view, however, this argument is seriously flawed.

The scientific community very clearly defines conception as the point at which a new life begins. For a list of quotes on this subject from scientific literature, see

Start Abortion Quote   What do we measure to determine whether someone is dead or alive? Their heartbeat.

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When the sperm and egg cells are joined together, a new and living organism is formed.  It is not just another part of the woman's body - it has its own unique DNA, formed from parts of the mother's and father's DNA, which sets it apart from them both.  This may look like just a bunch of cells...but biologically speaking, we're all a bunch of cells...and we're still a human being, whatever stage of development we're up to,

Within a few weeks, the baby has it's own heartbeat.  If you disagree with the medical view that life begins at conception, you might stop to consider what defines a human life.  What do we measure to determine whether someone is alive or dead?  Their heartbeat.  If the presence of a heartbeat determines that someone is alive, and a baby in the womb has a heartbeat early in the pregnancy, it is alive!

And if deliberately stopping someone else's heartbeat is killing someone, and abortion involves stopping a heartbeat (often accompanied by dismembering it), what is abortion?

Myth: "There are few, if any, consequences for the mother."

This is a dangerous myth, as it suggests that mothers have nothing to lose from having an abortion.

However, many women who had abortions have reported experiencing a wide range of mental, emotional and physical consequences in the weeks, months and years following their abortions.  Please see our dedicated pages on Post Abortion Stress Syndrome and Health Risks for more details.

See also the stories on the left to read the stories of what other women went through during and after their abortions.

Myth: "It's often the best choice for mother and baby."

When faced with a difficult situation, it can be easy to think that ending the pregnancy is the best choice to avoid problems later.  But if there are serious potential consequences for the mother (as discussed for the myth above), you should consider these consequences and ask yourself if having an abortion really is the best option.

For the baby, many would argue that some life is better than none.  There is also lots of support available for mothers in difficult circumstances (see here for more information) - and if you truly feel unable to care for your baby yourself, there are many childless couples who would love to adopt your baby and provide all the care and attention that he/she needs.

Countless women who chose to keep their babies will also tell you that keeping their child was the best decision they ever made.  You will often find women who regret their abortion, but you will struggle to find a mother who regrets keeping her child!

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