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Opinion is divided on this question.  Since a baby born prematurely can clearly feel pain, it is evident that babies in the womb can feel pain at some stage - the question is, at what stage does this ability start?

Unfortunately, we can't give a conclusive answer, as it is very difficult to detect whether or not a baby in the womb is feeling pain.  While babies at a later stage of development can be seen during scans to move away from pain stimuli, babies at an earlier stage lack the capability to move away, so we can't be sure about whether they feel pain or not.

If you are thinking of an abortion, you might consider that, in the absence of definite scientific proof either way, it is possible that the abortion could cause suffering to your unborn child.

Furthermore, while physical pain for the child might last a relatively short time, emotional pain for the mother can last for decades afterwards, as explained in our pages on Post Abortion Syndrome and Health Risks.

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